Cortona Plus, our newest premium luxury vinyl collection features wider planks and four-sided bevels. Exquisite color variations accentuate the wood grain visuals and realistic wire brush texturing adds to the overall beauty. Innovative technology and artistic design combine to create floors that can stand the test of time. With so many unique styles to choose from, you will find the perfect style to complement your décor. It’s the perfect, easy to maintain floor to add an element of fashion to the home or office.

Product Information

Please refer to the color specific installation instructions when downloading the installation information.
Installation Instructions with 5Gi Locking System to be used for the following colors: Natural Bridge, Friar Tuck, Pottery Wheel, Ancient Root, Basketry, Smoked Tan, Thatch Brown, Grain Mill, Harvest Brown, Driftwood, and Pale Oats.
Installation Instructions with UNIPUSH Locking System to be used for the following colors: Mesa Tan, Sonora Shade, Sunbaked Adobe, Trail Dust, Wild Mustang, Bison Beige, Kiln Dried, Natural Chamois and Pure Earth.

Unipush Installation Video – English Unipush Installation Video – Spanish